Tuesday, 12 July 2011

good vs bad guy

To be honest..
A good guy with charms,responsible,and money do not exist anymore. They just won't protect their lady just like the

Good guy nowadays :
1. Wear braces
2. Mummy's boy
3. Slow
4. Always cry
5. Got no money
6. Always being bullied
7. Stupid
8. Afraid of woman
9. messy
10. have bad body odour
11. geek
12. video games are more important than girlfriends
13. always talking shit things
14. blah blah blah...

A bad boy, in deed really showing off their charms by flirting with woman.. most of their lads are beautiful, smoking hot and sexy...

Me myself, really obsess with guys who are friendly, handsome, flirty, tall....and most of the guys who have that quality are BAD boys.

Bad boy nowadays:
1. Have NO proper work/occupations
2. Bad temper
3. nice only in early stages of relationship
4. having sex with all type of woman/prostitutes
5. Got no money
6. Using unappropriate word and language.
7. always humiliating his partner
8. always pretending. they should been given the best actor by Grammy award!
9. they like to use you both ways
10. always wanted to borrow money from you
11. got no intention to marry you
12. party all the time
13. not responsible at all
14. have no respect to woman
15. stupid

My boyfriend have all the bad boys criteria. I hate him because he always hit me on the face, asking me for money, pretend to be nice in front of my parents..he has no responsible at all. And should I marry THAT kind of guy? I don't know. I couldn't run from the fact that I LOVE HIM.. Life is a little bit cruel to me.. I was born in a good and respectful family. And I end up to be a punching bag for him???

Monday, 11 July 2011

kekasihku si kaki pukul

Setahun lebih...
Terasa seperti baru berkenalan dengan kekasih hatiku semalam...
Hati ini berbelah bahagi, sama ada ingin mencintai dia, seperti setahun yang lepas ATAU biarkan orang baru menyerikan hidup ini...
Kerana, tiada manis lagi aku bersama si dia...
LELAKI KAKI PUKUL.. baran.. blog ini khas buat mu kekasih.. yang aku cintai sepenuh hatiku...